G’day again all, back from another extended on Sir Reel with Karl Whitburn and Billy Brereton, yet again another great trip with some good fish pulled, boys from Sydney booked both boats , San Miguel and Sir Reel out and naturally the competition was ON ! Needless to say there’s great debate on which boat nailed it !!!

John Habib red carded himself with sea sickness and requested off…….so Cliffy was gracious enough and organised a heli to come out to ( a secret cay, hehe ) land and take him home, the boys will never let him live this down, anyhoo his mate Sarkis Boumina stayed and had a blast ripping into some great fish, thumbs up to you Skittles !!
Bubbles on the first drop nailed this nice red emperor (swear the thing must of been yawning) as he just had time to set the bail arm before it pulled line off at a rate, which recieved best fish award for our boat.
Wish to mention a big well done to Nick ‘sticks’ Minogue as he was all over the place like a mad mans shit with first several fish caught but with some absolute expert advice from myself Hahahahahaha , he ended up with some nice smooth rod actions going on (just remember Nick…..training training training bud.
Rekon i met my match with Fraser ( with an s, not a z, oh its an s)Maxwell and Niel (toilet paper) Roberts too, they had me lost for words several times, stunned i was, cant wait to have a good bevi with you boys !!!
Other boys on the vessel were John Obryan, David Cain, and Andrew Davison, unfortunately we lost a couple soldiers even before we departed, Ryan Venville and Domenico Corbelli.

Weather was up and down with tc debbie bearing down on us and really affected the fish but perseverance always pays dividends, good fish, good laughs and great attitudes are a fantastic recipe.
Thanks guys !!

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  • Just back from a 10 day trip to Flinders Reef, thanks to skipper Tony and crew of Chris and Carl. You guys really looked after us even weather shitty at first and Flinders Reef didn't fire we still caught Doggies, Yellowfin, Wahoo, then all the reef fish.Paul Grebert
  • Great trip out of Cairns on Sir Reel with a terrific crew. The skipper worked hard to find us fish all week and the boys were amazing around the deck making our life easy with rigs and fish. Chris was the master chef all week. Cannot rate these guys highly enough. Recommended.Dale Bainbridge

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