We are well and truly into the Wet Season in Cairns and it’s never been a better time to take that reef fishing charter trip that you have been talking about!  The Wet Season in Cairns is also referred to as the Green Season and is well known for its warm, humid weather and tropical downpours.  The wet season runs between the months of December to April and is traditionally the quieter time of year in Cairns in terms of tourists.  It is also the most beautiful time of year to visit Cairns and so definitely the best time to be out on the ocean fishing!  Here are some reasons why we think this is the best time of year to take a reef fishing trip with Northern Conquest Charters!

1. Great Barrier Reef waters are calm

Generally, during the wet season, the winds out on the Great Barrier Reef ease up.  This results in calm, tranquil waters around the Great Barrier Reef, making for great snorkelling, swimming and fishing.

2. Coral Spawning

If you are lucky enough to visit the Great Barrier Reef during Coral Spawning, you will see the reef and fish come alive with activity.  Coral Spawning is most likely to occur during November and December of the Wet Season and is certainly a sight to behold!

3. Warm weather and ocean

Expect warm, tropical weather in Cairns during the wet season.  A warm, sunny day is often followed by an afternoon or evening storm or heavy rain which cools the place down nicely.  The tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef are a balmy temperature of around 29 degrees Celsius, making snorkelling, fishing or swimming pleasant during the day or evening. 

4. Its turtle season

During the wet season, many turtles are nesting and hatching.  This turtle activity attracts many other species of fish, including sharks!  If you want to see a turtle out in the ocean, your chances are best during the wet season in Cairns.

5. The fish are active!

The warm tropical ocean tends to make our tropical fish more active.   During the wet season, you are likely to see fish species such as Cobia, Dolphinfish, Coral Trout and Red Emperor which are all attracted to the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef.  When the fish are active, its a great time to be out on the ocean fishing!

6. It’s quiet

This time of year tends to attract fewer tourists to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.  This alone can make it an attractive time to visit as you can enjoy fewer crowds and occasionally some special deals on some tours and accommodation.

The Wet Season, also known as the Green Season is truly a magical time of year to visit Cairns and enjoy a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.  At Northern Conquest Charters, we offer a range of Reef Fishing Trips leaving the Cairns Marina daily.  Our charter boat ‘Sir Reel’ allows you to explore the Great Barrier Reef in comfort and is suitable for a day trip, night trip or an extended reef fishing trip!  Spend your time on the ocean fishing, snorkelling, swimming or drinking a cold beer… the choice is yours!  Contact us at Northern Conquest Charters Today!

  • We just got off the boat after a 4 day fishing trip and all 10 of us loved it. All the staff were great and could'nt do enough to make you feel comfortable which made our trip thoughly enjoyable. Mick the chef cooked up a storm, and I think ive put on 2kgs in 4 days, hehe. Carl and Bill were sensational deckies and really new their stuff and never stoped working throughout the whole trip. We picked a bad week for the weather unfortunatly, but a big thanks goes out to the skipper (Bob) for always trying to get us on the fish when mother nature was against us. Thanks again, Chris from the Wandering Fisho's 2016.Christopher Rimmer
  • Great trip out of Cairns on Sir Reel with a terrific crew. The skipper worked hard to find us fish all week and the boys were amazing around the deck making our life easy with rigs and fish. Chris was the master chef all week. Cannot rate these guys highly enough. Recommended.Dale Bainbridge

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