Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef!

Welcome to Cairns

Cairns is considered the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. The only place in the world where two World Heritage landmarks lie next to one another. The Great Barrier Reef is a direct cause to the sustained growth of Cairns as a tourist destination, offering countless opportunities for visitors and locals alike to indulge in the spectacular beauty, and to try their luck at bringing home some of the top reef and sports fishing prizes anywhere in Australia. Need anymore proof? From the words of Sir David Attenborough himself; “It’s got mountains, it’s got tropical rainforest, it’s got the Barrier Reef. It’s got wonderful creatures that occur nowhere else. It’s a great place.”

Where we can take you in Cairns

We offer a variety of trips leaving the Cairns Marina, from day tours to extended Coral Sea adventures. Our trips will be aboard our Charter boat ‘Sir Reel’ vessel, a 58 foot Conquest Vessel. Explore the spectacular Reefs in comfort, with ‘Sir Reel’ accommodating large groups with all the mod-cons including TV, Air-Con & most importantly enough freezer space for all your catch! Check out what we offer below.

Northern Conquest Charters cater for 12 & 24 hour trips for those clients on the go and for those who simply need a fishing fix but are constrained by time. We are proud to have options suitable for most budgets.

Full Day Fishing Trips - $265.00pp

Leaving the Marlin Marina in Cairns CBD, our roving permits allows our experienced skipper to take us to where the fish are biting. We generally fish around 20 nautical miles off the stunning Tropical North Queensland coast, moving between the most active fishing spots during the day.

What will you catch? We think a more relevant question would be what won’t I catch? There is literally a plethora of diversity on offer out there. While going for the fighting red emperor and nannygai, species such as spangled emperor, cobia, cod, green job fish, mangrove jack (reef jacks) are a common and most welcome by-catch during these dedicated sessions.

Overnight Fishing Trips - $325.00pp

These are a very popular trip option due to the balance of both night and day time fishing. Typically departing between 4pm and 6pm, we will return 24 hours later. For your convenience “Sir Reel” has air conditioned cabins if a rest is required. If you have the stamina, you can most definitely opt to fish all night.

Unlike other operators, we crew our boat so if the fishing goes off the boil, we simply shift spots at any time necessary through the night. This enables maximum opportunity for our clients to capitalize on the exceptional fishing on offer! Limited to Friday and Saturday night departures.

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Black and blue marlin, huge dog tooth tuna, wahoo, GT’s, coral trout, green job fish, red bass and much more. This region of the Coral Sea has long been regarded as the most productive producer of BIG game fish, with black and blue marlin being prolific through the warmer Summer months.

The Fishing

Well, let us open this paragraph by saying “brace yourselves”. No matter your preferred fishing style, the team at Northern Conquest Charters cater for all styles of fishing including both heavy and light Tackle game fishing, sport fishing, metal jigging, soft plastics, popper casting and trolling.

This fishing is nothing short of tremendously exciting here. The visibility through the gin clear azure waters allows the angler to see fish rise from the bottom to smash your surface lures. In our opinion there is nothing more exciting than watching your surface lure disappear in an eruption of foaming white water. Its visual and addictive, but warning, a spare change of underwear may be required on occasion!

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Want more time on the water?

We can't blame you! Norther Conquest Charters are proud to offer what we believe could be the most versatile range of live aboard options in the country!

Experience the best reef fishing and coral sea fishing with species hooked including dog tooth tuna, marlin, spanish mackerel, giant trevally, dolphinfish, wahoo and many more! Need a rest? We can stop by any of the pristine sand cays throughout the reef to give the arms a break during the trip. Snorkel, sunbathe and take in the Great Barrier Reef before getting right back to it!

Stay aboard the comforting 'Sir Ree' 58 foot Conquest Vessel in luxury with air conditioning, tv, comfy beds, delicious food and hot showers!

Get in touch with us to see how we can cater an extended reef trip for your group!

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Target Species

We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality fishing that the tropical reefs have to offer.

We think a more relevant question would be what won’t I catch? There is literally a plethora of diversity on offer out there. Commonly we would base our night fishing on targeting iconic Australian sports fish such as coral trout, red emperor and large mouth nannygai. Of course that’s not to say you won’t tangle with a whole host of other species as well. Species such as spangled emperor, cobia, cod, green job, mangrove jack (reef jacks) are a common and most welcome by-catch during these dedicated sessions.

Our experienced and helpful deckhands will gut, gill and bag up your prize so it is ready for you upon return to port.

Fishing Locations

Leaving the Marlin Marina in the Cairns CBD, our charter boat will take you out into the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Our locations vary from day to day, with our expert guides basing where we will take you on what the fish are doing. Our ‘Roaming Permit’ allows us to pick and choose the most active spots, when the fish are biting – so you won’t get stuck in one spot. Fish activity, weather, and the guests on board play a bit part in determining the best spots to drop line, and our guides with their indepth local knowledge will get you hooked up in no time!

Styles of Fishing

Custom Trips

After something in particular? Northern Conquest Charters can cater to your needs – whether for your group or fishing expectations, we can put together a packed suited to you.

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  • Great trip out of Cairns on Sir Reel with a terrific crew. The skipper worked hard to find us fish all week and the boys were amazing around the deck making our life easy with rigs and fish. Chris was the master chef all week. Cannot rate these guys highly enough. Recommended.Dale Bainbridge
  • Thanks Cliff/Stu/Jeremy & Cade for another great trip! We have been doing yearly charters to Northern Australia since 2009 and the 2 trips we have had with Northern Conquest (one from Townsville and one from Cairns) have been the 2 best fishing trips we have been on. Over this period we have been lucky enough to have only dealt with good charter operators. However, Norther Conquest Charters is not only the best Charter company I have dealt with, they are the best company I have dealt with from the tourism industry period. The organising of the trip couldn’t be easier. On our first trip to Townsville we were picked up from the airport, driven to a bottle shop, dropped off at a pub for lunch while the crew got the boat ready, picked up from the pub 2 hours later and then dropped off at the marina with our bags already on the boat and our drinks on ice. Getting on the boat my father said “this is too easy, the fishing can’t be any good” (he was wrong). Not only has Cliff organised our accommodation on both of our trips, we have also been transferred from the marina to our hotel with our gear and our boxes of frozen fish (saving us 2-3 taxis). Whilst on the boat, the crew work tirelessly to ensure their customers are always comfortable and happy (and well fed). Our party is split between those who like bottom bashing and those who like trolling. On both of our trips Stu has kept the bottom bashing and trolling camps happy – a task no other skipper we have fished with has accomplished. The question each year used to be which charter company to book. The question is now which Northern Conquest charter to book.Simon, Denys, Darren, Ken, Dean & Bad Jimmy

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