Fishing Mackay

Oh yes, you should be excited! By now you have boarded the vessel and are steaming toward the outer Great Barrier Reef. The reef fishing out from my Mackay is exceptional and the distance travelled ensures you are the only boat fishing these remote and pristine waters.

The bottom fishing is well and truly worth the wait. Shallower shoaly locations are dominated by coral trout and red throat emperor with the deeper gutter territory being made up of the iconic red emperor and large-mouthed nannygai. Undoubtedly these fish are highly regarded, are real trophys and are pursued by many an avid fisherman. These fish can be targeted traditionally on bait or by plastics and even metal jigs for those anglers accustomed to this form of fishing.

Dory’s can be towed out upon request behind the mother-ship. This can open up another whole world of fishing opportunities whilst on pursuit for marauding GT’s or large coral trout around the reef edge.

The crew aren’t just extremely helpful but these guys seriously know their stuff as well. They truly epitomise the word “decky”, working absolutely non-stop to please the punters. It’s all about the one percenters – those little things that are done to turn a good fishing experience into a great one. These guys have no shortage of GPS marks so when the fishing quietens down on one spot, the skipper makes no hesitation in motoring to another nearby mark. Their close proximity makes it ideal for a spot of trolling for a Spanish mackerel along the way. Remarkably, a recent troll run came up tight to a large free jumping sail-fish that was landed. Captures such as this are not a rare occurrence and are simply icing on the cake.

  • Great trip out of Cairns on Sir Reel with a terrific crew. The skipper worked hard to find us fish all week and the boys were amazing around the deck making our life easy with rigs and fish. Chris was the master chef all week. Cannot rate these guys highly enough. Recommended.Dale Bainbridge
  • We just got off the boat after a 4 day fishing trip and all 10 of us loved it. All the staff were great and could'nt do enough to make you feel comfortable which made our trip thoughly enjoyable. Mick the chef cooked up a storm, and I think ive put on 2kgs in 4 days, hehe. Carl and Bill were sensational deckies and really new their stuff and never stoped working throughout the whole trip. We picked a bad week for the weather unfortunatly, but a big thanks goes out to the skipper (Bob) for always trying to get us on the fish when mother nature was against us. Thanks again, Chris from the Wandering Fisho's 2016.Christopher Rimmer

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