Barra and Estuary Combo Trips

Oh yes! We at Northern Conquest Charters get excited just thinking about these trips as they really do offer such a special experience. Some would say the pinnacle of experiences offered for it’s price point. These trips consist of a mother-shipping operation with dory vessels in tow. By dory’s, we aren’t just referring to standard tinnies here but something far more superior.

The mother ship offers all the creature comforts of home and is a welcome sight for sore eyes when you need a good feed, shower and some relaxation after a day in the dories chasing an abundance of hard hitting and beautiful tasting estuary and reef species. Trust us, you are going to need your rest. A standard day will see us tangling with estuarine thugs such as barramundi, mangrove jack, fingermark and salmon, all of which don’t give up without a fight…a bloody good fight. We will chase these fish using a combination of hard bodied lures, soft plastics and freshly caught live baits if the customer prefers.

This is then followed by an early afternoon top water session casting poppers and stickbaits for large queenfish at the river mouth. Anyone who has caught these fish before would no doubt attest to their blistering speed and aerial acrobatics. Catching them off the surface is second to none as far as methods are concerned. These fish will leave a lasting impression on you.

An afternoon will encompass jigging plastics or soaking baits (if preferred) on the inner reefs for coral trout and fingermark, often taking back a selected red fish for the on-board chef to prepare for dinner. There is no better feeling than dining on the spoils of your labour while cracking a few beers and immersing yourself in jovial banter about the day that was.

  • Thanks Cliff/Stu/Jeremy & Cade for another great trip! We have been doing yearly charters to Northern Australia since 2009 and the 2 trips we have had with Northern Conquest (one from Townsville and one from Cairns) have been the 2 best fishing trips we have been on. Over this period we have been lucky enough to have only dealt with good charter operators. However, Norther Conquest Charters is not only the best Charter company I have dealt with, they are the best company I have dealt with from the tourism industry period. The organising of the trip couldn’t be easier. On our first trip to Townsville we were picked up from the airport, driven to a bottle shop, dropped off at a pub for lunch while the crew got the boat ready, picked up from the pub 2 hours later and then dropped off at the marina with our bags already on the boat and our drinks on ice. Getting on the boat my father said “this is too easy, the fishing can’t be any good” (he was wrong). Not only has Cliff organised our accommodation on both of our trips, we have also been transferred from the marina to our hotel with our gear and our boxes of frozen fish (saving us 2-3 taxis). Whilst on the boat, the crew work tirelessly to ensure their customers are always comfortable and happy (and well fed). Our party is split between those who like bottom bashing and those who like trolling. On both of our trips Stu has kept the bottom bashing and trolling camps happy – a task no other skipper we have fished with has accomplished. The question each year used to be which charter company to book. The question is now which Northern Conquest charter to book.Simon, Denys, Darren, Ken, Dean & Bad Jimmy
  • We just got off the boat after a 4 day fishing trip and all 10 of us loved it. All the staff were great and could'nt do enough to make you feel comfortable which made our trip thoughly enjoyable. Mick the chef cooked up a storm, and I think ive put on 2kgs in 4 days, hehe. Carl and Bill were sensational deckies and really new their stuff and never stoped working throughout the whole trip. We picked a bad week for the weather unfortunatly, but a big thanks goes out to the skipper (Bob) for always trying to get us on the fish when mother nature was against us. Thanks again, Chris from the Wandering Fisho's 2016.Christopher Rimmer

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