Night or Day Reef Fishing Charters?  Which is better?

Night or Day Reef Fishing Charters? Which is better?

At Northern Conquest Charters we offer Night Fishing Charters and Day Fishing Charters.  Both are excellent options to have a great time on the water and also catch some fish. If you are considering one or the other, it is always good to know what to expect from both options. So the question remains, which option is best?  Is a Day Fishing Charter better than a Night Fishing Charter?  In order to answer this question, you really need to take a closer look at both options….

Night Fishing Charters

In Tropical North Queensland, the fish and the ocean come alive at night!  As the sun sets along the beautiful coastline, most of the fish and sea life are on the hunt for food and so you can expect to see a lot of fishing action at this time of the day! If you choose to take a Night Fishing Charter with Northern Conquest Charter you will board our 58ft vessel that we call “Sir Reel”.  Sir Reel is a boat that has been built for catching lots of fish but has also been built to be as comfortable as possible. Your fishing adventure starts at 6pm,  leaving the Marlin Marina in Cairns CBD.  As the sun goes down you will say goodbye to our beautiful Cairns Coast and will sail 20 nautical miles away towards the reef.

The beauty of this Fishing Charter is that you can have as much or as little fishing action as your desire!  If you want to fish all night, you are very welcome to do so!  If you want to have a sleep and then get up again to fish, go ahead!  If you get tired of fishing and need a rest, we have some bunks that are available. This Reef Fishing Charter is designed to give you the best fishing experience possible!

You can expect to catch almost anything and everything during our Night Fishing Charters.  Some of our commonly caught fish include Red Emperor, Coral Trout and Green Jobfish. While these are the most common species, you will be surprised at what we have pulled out of the water on some of our previous charters!  After a night of fishing on the beautiful Great barrier reef, we sail back into Cairns at 6 am. You would have been fishing for 12 hours and we are confident that it would have been one of your best fishing experiences of your life!

Day Fishing Charters

Another great option that Northern Conquest Charters offers is a Day Fishing Charter.  Your day begins with a 7 am departure from Cairns and returns after a full day of fishing at 4 pm.  A Daytime Reef Fishing Charter offers a fun-filled day in the sun where you can spend the day however you like.  Spend the day fishing and then take a dip in our beautiful tropical Ocean to cool off.  You may even like to try a bit of snorkelling and exploring the majestic Great Barrier Reef!  Our Day Fishing Charters are also aboard “sir Reel’.   So you will be enjoying the huge rear deck that not only provides maximum fishing room but also large screen TV, DVD, and signal booster so you can watch any sports you may be missing out on.  Sir Reel also offers state of the art fish finding and navigation equipment.  It really is one of the best fishing boats going around.

Like the Night Reef Fishing Charter, we want you to have a great fishing experience.  So if you need a break from catching all that fish, we offer a great shower facility and an air-conditioned saloon with TV and DVD making a great place to relax with a game of cards or just watch a movie.  Once again, you can choose to have as much or as little fishing action as you desire.  And if the fish aren’t biting, we will move somewhere else where we expect to get more action!

Night or Day Reef Fishing?

So this brings us back to the original question….. In Cairns, is it better to do a Night Fishing Charter or a Day Fishing Charter? In my opinion, they both offer great fishing experiences.  Night time fishing is quite different to daytime fishing.  At this time of year in Cairns, it is a lot cooler at night to go fishing.  You can also expect to catch a few different species of fish during the night than during the day!  Daytime fishing charters allow you to enjoy a great day out in our beautiful tropical ocean and maybe try a bit of snorkelling along the way.  There are benefits to both options, so it really depends on what sort of trip you are looking for!

So if you want a great day’s fishing on the reef or a great night of fishing, Northern Conquest Charters will deliver all that you could need. As well as the day and night fishing charters, we offer many other options. So whether you are based in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay or beyond you can contact us by Phone: 0429 639 514 or Email:


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