Barra and Estuary Fishing Trips

Without a doubt, the most iconic estuarine angling target across North Queensland has got to be the mighty Barramundi, and seriously who hasn’t spent a considerable amount of time dreaming about tangling with ole’ bucket mouth.  The Barramundi has a legendary reputation across the north and if we can be honest, from time to time it would be fair to say they have kept us awake at night long after our head has hit the pillow. We don’t blame you for having this urge…you are human after all!  If you’re ready to make your fishing dream a reality, we can help you catch that big Barramundi that you’ve been dreaming of! Along with the great barra, we will also target other fish such as those red devils – mangrove jack, fingermark and line burning queenfish which are a massive drawcard in themselves.

As if these species of fish weren’t appealing enough, throw into the mix the locational setting in which this all takes place.  The scenic background, combined with an action packed day of fishing combine to make a great day! The Burdekin, Townsville and the mighty Hinchinbrook channel are the locations we operate from for these trips. The best thing about it is that these spots are our home, our turf and a location we have spent considerable time growing up fishing as kids. We therefore pride ourselves in knowing these systems head and shoulders above all others and will guarantee you an exceptional day of fishing, even in what would seem challenging conditions by many. We know these rivers like the back of our hands and ladies and gentlemen, this means you are going to have a cracking day on the water.

6 metre centre consoles and 5.3m barra punts are the platforms that will make your angling dreams a reality and are specially picked from the countless other vessels on the market due to the fact they are absolutely fit for purpose. They are fast, stable, spacious and are guided by some of the most experienced guides in the State.

These great vessels are trailered to our chosen destination where trips are run over consecutive days. Accommodation is taken care of on your behalf and the digs are quite salubrious if we say so ourselves.

Barramundi Mothership Charters

These trips consist of a mother-shipping operation with dory vessels in tow. By dory’s, we aren’t just referring to standard tinnies here but something far more superior. The mother ship offers all the creature comforts of home and is a welcome sight for sore eyes when you need a good feed, shower and some relaxation after a day in the dories chasing an abundance of hard hitting and beautiful tasting estuary and reef species. Trust us, you are going to need your rest. A standard day will see us tangling with estuarine thugs such as barramundi, mangrove jack, fingermark and salmon, all of which don’t give up without a fight…a bloody good fight.

We will chase these fish using a combination of hard bodied lures, soft plastics and freshly caught live baits if the customer prefers. This is then followed by an early afternoon top water session casting poppers and stickbaits for large queenfish at the river mouth. Anyone who has caught these fish before would no doubt attest to their blistering speed and aerial acrobatics. Catching them off the surface is second to none as far as methods are concerned. These fish will leave a lasting impression on you. An afternoon will encompass jigging plastics or soaking baits (if preferred) on the inner reefs for coral trout and fingermark, often taking back a selected red fish for the on-board chef to prepare for dinner. There is no better feeling than dining on the spoils of your labour while cracking a few beers and immersing yourself in jovial banter about the day that was.

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