Want more fishing action? Try a night reef trip with Northern Conquest Charters

Want more fishing action? Try a night reef trip with Northern Conquest Charters

Summer night fishing is in full swing aboard Northern Conquest Charters boat ‘Sir Reel’. Northern Conquest Charters offer a very popular option which will allow you to enjoy both day and night time reef fishing.  Our boat ‘Sir Reel’ will depart between 4pm to 6pm and return to shore 24 hours later.  Or alternatively we also offer an all-night trip departing at 6pm and returning at 6am.  Both trips are available on Friday and Saturday nights.  Our comfortable boat offers air conditioned cabins with comfortable beds so you can either choose to fish all night or have a rest in comfort.

If you’ve never tried night fishing, now is the time. Fishing at night gets you out of the heat of the day, and gives you a great chance to bring home some of the best eating fish possible! With the weather warming up in Cairns, there’s no better time to fish than at night time.  Fish that are sluggish during the day get very active at night, which results in some incredibly exciting fishing on the reef.

Out on the reef, night time is usually when all the big fish tend to come out.  We’re generally on the hunt for the following species:

  • Mangrove Jacks
  • Red emperor
  • Large mouth Nannygai
  • Gold band snapper

There are a few reasons why some big fish become more active at night:

  • The water is cooler.
  • There is an abundance of food.
  • The fish don’t need to seek shelter from the sun.
  • Generally, the cooler water makes them hungrier so they on the hunt for food.

If you have the stamina, you can fish all night while you’re out on the reef or we have air conditioned cabins if you want to take a rest.  Our crew are passionate about reef fishing and so if the fishing goes off the boil, we will simply shift spots at any time necessary during the night.  We can anchor in a shallow reef and target Spangled and Red throat Emperor or we can anchor in deep water and chase Red emperor and Nannygai.  We are all locals to the area and have been exploring these waters for many years. We will use our knowledge, experience and skills to help you capitilise on the exceptional fishing on offer in the Great Barrier Reef.

Spending a night out on the Great Barrier Reef is something you’re not likely to forget.  The warm, tropical weather combined with the clear night skies make an ideal setting for some great great fishing. Fishing at night can get pretty exciting as all the big fish tend to come out!  So if you’re looking for some fishing with a bit of extra excitement, contact Northern Conquest Charters about one of our reef trips. 

Contact us to book your charter or enquire:

Northern Conquest Charters

Ph 0429639514

Email: sales@nccharters.com.au


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